Psychiatric Medicine - Dr. Henry F. Crabbe PHD., MD.
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Our practice provides expert diagnosis and treatment for a diversity of psychiatric disorders including: depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and autism. We offer services to children, adolescents and adults. We are also a clinical resource center for patients who have failed previous medication therapies.


The United States is facing an escalation of persons addicted to opiates (narcotics). Addiction leads to shattered lives, family crises, criminal acticity, and health issues, inluding death. Suboxone is a medication combining an opiate substitute (buprenorphine) with an opiate blocker (naloxone). Unlike Methadone (a pute opiate/narcotic), patients on Suboxone can be monitored on a monthly basis. This medication program in conjunction with relapse prevention strategies lead to normalization of family and work life.

Medical Marijuana

Our staff participates in certification programs in cannabis therapeutics. The State of Connecticut allows marijuana treatment for seventeen types of medical conditions. Our treating physician determines eligibility by confirmation of appropriate diagnoses Thie process allows access to one of the state's marijuana dispensaries. We offer education about the current scientific information regarding medical treatmentn with marijuana.

For a list of qualifying conditions, and more information regarding the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program please visit the link below.